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C8 Corvette LT2 Tuning

Part Number: PP-C8-Flex-Fuel
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Chevrolet C8 Corvette Tuning
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C8 Corvette Stingray LT2 Tuning - Flex Fuel 

Unlock the true potential of your C8 Corvette with custom tuning. Improve the performance, drivability, throttle response and more!

Using HP Tuners software we are able to create a custom tune to maximize the mods on your car, such as an exhaust, headers, intake, intake manifold, forced induction & more.

Included with the tune we are able to optimize your fuel choice (91,93, E85, Flex Fuel or even race gas for dedicated track cars).

Our in house tuner will adjust many variables such as Fuel Injection Angle, Ignition Timing, Throttle Mapping & more.

All tuning and installation of the flex fuel kit must be installed at Paragon Performance in Waukee, Iowa!

Improved Performance
Improved Drivability
Increased Throttle Response
Reduced Knock on Lower Grade Fuels
Improved Fuel Efficiency
Flex Fuel - (91 or 93 + E85)
Adjust AFM/DOD - 4 Cyl Mode (Optional)
Burble Tune - Increase pops & crackles (Optional)

Included in the tuning service:
E99 ECM Unlock from HP Tuners - One time service
8 Universal Credits to license your E99 ECM - One time purchase
HP Tuners MPVI3 - OBDII Interface
DSX Tuning Flex Fuel Kit
E99 ECM removal, overnight shipping & installation
Paragon C8 Corvette LT2 Tuning

Flex Fuel Tuning

Unleash the full power potential of your C8 Corvette Stingray with the DSX Tuning Flex Fuel Kit. Seamlessly switch between gasoline and ethanol without constant monitoring or tune re-flash.

The kit includes a genuine GM Flex Fuel sensor, corrosion-resistant quick connect fuel lines, and a plug-and-play wiring harness.

Kit Includes:
Genuine GM Flex Fuel Sensor
Quick Disconnect Fuel Lines
Plug & Play Wiring Harness

Flex Fuel Tuning Includes:
DSX Tuning Flex Fuel Kit
Flex Fuel Tuning License
Flex Fuel Sensor Install

Red: 91 Fuel Baseline with Mods
Green: 91 Fuel Tuned with Mods
Orange: 93 Fuel Tuned with Mods
Blue: E85 Fuel Tuned with Mods

Due to different mods, fuel and overall configurations HP and TQ increase will vary.

Connect with Paragon Sales for scheduling at [email protected] or call at (515) 414-8993

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