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EBC C8 Corvette Stingray Z51 Rear 2pc Rotors

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C8 Corvette Rotors
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EBC C8 Corvette Stingray Z51 Rear 2pc Rotors - 350x27mm

Introducing the EBC Brakes Floating Two-Piece Discs for the C8 Corvette Z51, a pinnacle of braking performance designed to elevate your driving experience. Engineered as a straightforward bolt-on upgrade, these discs seamlessly replace the original brake rotors without requiring any modifications to your vehicle. Improve your stopping power and reduce your braking distances. 

Key Features:

Advanced Floating Design: EBC's two-piece fully floating rotors feature an innovative design that allows the outer cast-iron friction ring to expand freely with temperature changes, eliminating rotor warping for enhanced durability.

Grooved Rotors: In contrast to the original rotors, these discs are grooved rather than perforated. This design allows efficient pad venting without the risk of creating epicenters for rotor cracking.

Race-Grade Metallurgy: Crafted from race-derived G3500-grade high-carbon cast iron, the friction rings deliver superior crack resistance and exceptional heat conductivity and dissipation.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Bells: The machined aluminum bells, made from aerospace-grade aluminum, undergo hard anodization for longevity. This stands in stark contrast to stock brake rotors that use uncoated cast aluminum bells.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation: The cast iron friction rings feature 48 curved vanes, enhancing the brake rotor's ability to dissipate heat. This improvement significantly increases brake system endurance, delaying the onset of brake fade.

Stainless Steel Bobbins: The bobbins, machined from stainless steel, are rust-resistant, ensuring the rotor maintains its free-floating function throughout its entire life cycle, even in road cars.

Silent Operation: Spring clips are integrated to ensure totally silent operation, eliminating off-brake rotor rattle for a quieter and smoother driving experience.

Replaceable Friction Rings: Friction rings can be individually replaced after wear, allowing for the reuse of the aluminum bell and stainless-steel bobbins, resulting in lower long-term operating costs.

Thermic Black Finish: The discs now feature the latest thermic black corrosion-resistant finish, setting the standard for rust prevention.

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