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Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nuts - Black

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Raceseng Titanium Lug Nuts
Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nuts

The TNR-1 is the solution to ugly and unsecure lug nuts. Forged from titanium, these lug nuts will never rust or corrode! Their unique internal drive feature keeps the outside of your lug nuts looking mind and adds a superior layer of security to all 20 lug nuts. The brushed finish is ideal for those who want the lug nuts to contrast dark colored wheels. With 2 years of designing and development these aren't your average lug nut. Protect the investment of your wheels with Recessing's R-Drive system which was developed specifically for the TNR-1 lug nut. The R-Drive Guard shield is another added benefit of protecting your socket from hitting your wheels during install and removal. 

  • Hot forged grade 5 titanium Ti-6AL-4V
  • M14x1.5mm
  • Floating Seat ( won't scratch wheels )
  • 25mm thread length
  • Weight - 45 grams per lug nut
  • R-Drive system
  • R-Drive Guard

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