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Tail light reflectors overlay for C8 Corvette

Part Number: PP-V0003
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C8 Corvette Vinyl

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Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Tail Light Vinyl Overlays
Reflector Kit (Tint)

This simple vinyl overlay will allow you to customize your tail light reflector lenses to the color of your choice. Drastically change your tail lights with our reflector overlay kit. Choose from smoke, or dark tint. Comes as set of 4pcs to do both tail lights.

• Effortless Installation: Peel, Align, and Stick for an instant transformation

• Customized Look: Set your Corvette apart with the smoke or dark tint finish

• Durable and Lost-Lasting: Built to withstand the elements for the miles to come Reversible

• Easily removable for a quick switch back to the original look without any sticky residue


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