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Verus Engineering Carbon Flash Dive Plane / Canard Kit, Dual Elements - C8 Corvette

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C8 Corvette Dive Plane / Canard Kit
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Verus Engineering Carbon Flash Dive Plane Kit, Dual Elements - C8 Corvette

The Verus Engineering Dual Dive Planes Kit for the Chevrolet C8 Corvette was specifically designed to increase front-end downforce while keeping drag increase to a minimum. The units work together to aid in extracting airflow from the wheel well, as well as produce downforce themselves on the front axle of the car.

These units were designed in CAD using Verus Engineering scan data and optimized using CFD analysis by Verus Engineering.

The Dive Planes are constructed from a durable ABS Plastic then painted in Carbon Flash with a high gloss clear coat.

Dive planes or Canards, allow you to shift the aero balance forward, possibly aiding you and your setup in balancing out a large wing, diffuser or aiding with front grip on the track.

A small part of the downforce created by the dive planes is from the forces on the surfaces of the dive planes themselves. The bottom side of the dive planes are lower pressure while the top side is higher pressure. This creates a downward force.

The main way downforce is created with the Verus Engineering Dive Planes / Canards is controlling airflow around the car. We use the dive planes to create a vortex which helps pull air out of the fender wells. This helps reduce lift on the body of the car. We have specific templates for the dive planes since location and placement are critical for maximum performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Bottom side paint is not perfect as you would have to lay on the ground to see it. 

*Fitment with 5VM lip is VERY close to the lip, some slight adjustment from the template may be needed.*

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