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19 x 9.5 +36ET
19 x 9.5 +36ET

Volk TE037 6061 19x9.5 +36, 19x11 +37 5x120 Blast Bronze

Part Number: TE037BB-C8
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VOLK RACING Wheels for C8 Corvette
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RAYS - Volk Racing Original Te037 6061 Wheels

Lets face it, the stock C8 Corvette wheels are nothing to be proud of. They feature the wrong offset as they sit to far into the fender and they are heavy coming in around 25 Lbs each. RAYS Volk Racing Wheels are our solution to GMs mistake of wheels. Designed off the legendary TE37, the face has been reconstructed to a high performance, lightweight wheel coming near 18 lbs per wheel. Designed for high horsepower, heavy weight premium sports cars like your C8 Corvette. Using patented RAYS technology, the spoke-side weightless holes achieve not only lighter weight and better stiffness but also display beauty as a functional part. Finished with a engraved VOLK RACING ORIGINAL logo it evolves the appearances of the wheels. Includes center caps and valve stems.

Front - RAYS Volk Racing x 2 TE037 19 x 9.5 +36ET 5x120 Wheels


Rear - RAYS Volk Racing x 2 TE037 19 x 11 +37ET 5x120 Wheels

*Colors may vary, photos used for fitment reference

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