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Vossen M14x1.5 Wheel Lug Nuts - Silver

Part Number: n1450-CH
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Wheel Lug Nuts
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Vossen Wheel Lug Nuts

Vossen Wheel Lug nuts are strictly manufactured from 7075 cold-forged aluminum and tested to ensure the safest and highest performing fasteners for aftermarket wheels. Vossen lug nuts are for conical lug seats only and are meant to be used with the vehicle's thread engagement standards. 

Inspect threads and mounting surface. Make sure threads are corrosion, burr and fracture free. If problem is found, replace stud. Never lubricate studs!

NEVER use a conical seat fastener on a mag, shank or ball seat wheel. Different lug seat types are not interchange. Hand thread only. Thread size of fastener and stud must be the same, do not use power tools or force threading. 

Torque to OEM specs using a calibrated torque wrench or device only. 

  • 19mm Hex
  • 60 Degree Conical Taper
  • Anti-Scratch Washer
  • Cold Forged 7075 Aluminum
  • M14x1.50
  • 20 Piece Set

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