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Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner - 19 oz

Part Number: AER1000
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Glass Cleaner
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Aerosol Glass Cleaner: 

  • Thick, Foaming formula self cleans faster!
  • Cleans grime, Restores Shine, and provides streak free vision!
  • Refreshing Root Beer Fragrance
  • Safe on Tinted Windows
  • Increased Optical Clarifiers

Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner is an easy-to-use glass cleaner that removes stubborn film & haze from windows and mirrors, leaving an ultra-clear, streak-free finish and a refreshing root beer fragrance! This non-ammoniated formula cuts dirt and glass buildup fast without leaving pesky streaks behind. Lots of shine fanatics love our current spray and wipe Glass Cleaner, but we also receive a large amount of requests to have an aerosol foaming glass cleaner. We listened, and we're excited to offer an upgraded version to our Aerosol Glass Cleaner as a second option for cleaning your glass.


Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner sprays out into a thick, clinging foam that helps break up dirt particles without dripping down, even on vertical surfaces like side windows and mirrors. The upgraded formula not only smells better, but the thicker foaming formula cuts through heavy films on surfaces left from cigarettes, factory “off gassing” from plastics, and cleans smudges with ease! Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner is still safe for factory tinted windows and works great on both the inside or outside of your glass. The upgraded formula was packed full of increased optical clarifiers that not only provide a streak free shine, but enhance the shine of your window, providing an even clearer line of sight!


Use Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner to remove those bug splats from the front glass, or fingerprints and haze from the inside - either way the foaming formula will leave your glass clean and streak free. This foaming cleaner does contain a small amount of denatured alcohol, so it may have issues with some aftermarket tint applications - always test in a small inconspicuous area first to make sure there are no adverse reactions.


Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner works great on navigation screens, smartphones, sunglasses and all the glass around your home as well! Use with an Adam's Green Glass Cleaning towel for effortless, streak free performance on shower doors, bathroom mirrors, and your home windows. 


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