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Ceramic Liquid Wax
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SiO2 infused lotion style wax that provides protection and gloss to your vehicle.

Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax is user friendly, durable, and extremely hydrophobic! We took our fan favorite Ceramic Paste Wax and created a liquid cream version to allow for easier use and better application for both hand and machine application. This blend has a unique formulation of gloss agents and SIO2 concentration to allow for effective bonding and easy removal, ideal for topping your current coating, or as a standalone product.

Adams product development team has been hard at work on their newest offering, Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax. Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax is a fully-synthetic, silica-infused wax. This special formula works outstanding on any paint finish, but it is perfect for use as a topper over a ceramic coating, if you have the urge to apply a wax onto a coated vehicle. We receive dozens of phone calls and emails asking if it is safe to apply our Paint Sealant, Buttery Wax, Detail Spray, Americana, and so on over a ceramic coated vehicle. While you can apply these products over a ceramic coating, they can detract from the behavior of the coating itself. This is where Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax fits into the detail process - it's the perfect option for those that wish to apply another layer of wax protection on top of a ceramic coating.

At 30% SiO2 content, Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax provides increased detergency resistance (more stability through multiple washes), temperature stability (higher melting point), and greater hydrophobic behavior (more water repellent) over its natural counterparts. Since this wax is inorganic, this also makes it more uniform, as it is not based on a naturally derived wax. This Ceramic Liquid Wax can last up to twice as long per application as a traditional carnauba waxes given its inorganic makeup. Application is just as easy as a carnauba wax and can be applied by hand or by machine with our Gray Applicator Pad. It should be treated slightly different, by applying it to one panel at a time or smaller and then removing with a plush microfiber towel before moving onto the next area.

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