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Adam's CS3 - Cleans, Shines & Protects - 12 oz

Part Number: CS3473-02-012
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Adam's CS3
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Adamā€™s CS3 is a modern presentation of an active three-in-one waterless wash detailer. Adamā€™s CS3 was designed to effortlessly deliver a clean, finished surface, generate a ridiculous amount of shine, and protect using the latest in silica resin technologies. This silica-infused waterless wash formulation delivers a gentle, safe, and effective means of cutting through dirt, dust, grease, grim while remaining absolutely streak free each and every time.

Adamā€™s CS3 is more durable than conventional waxes or sealants and contributes to protection from harmful UV rays and the elements. This relentlessly hydrophobic formulation produces a highly self-cleaning surface and is safe and effective on all substrates including paint, glass, wheels, plastic, rubber moulding and chrome ā€“ whether already coated or not!

Adamā€™s CS3 is uniquely formulated using a proprietary blend of cleaning surfactants, lubricating polymers, chelates, natural emulsifiers, and silica film-formers to engineer a detailer that has to be tried to be believed ā€“ no additional water required!

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