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Adam's Glass Boost

Part Number: GLB329-01-008
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Glass Boost
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Adam's Glass Boost is a cutting-edge new product that complements Adam's Glass Sealant, prolonging the life of the sealant. This unique formula mists on as a light spray and wipes off with minimal effort. It can be used to clean slightly dirty exterior glass, but its main use is as a boost to our Glass Sealant, in much the same way that Ceramic Boost is used on ceramic coatings to improve performance, create an even more slick surface, and to maintain the coating.

Glass Boost can be used as a standalone product, but it is intended to be used on glass that has already been cleaned, clayed with Adam's Visco Clay Bar, and sealed with Adam's Glass Sealant, in order to achieve best results. Use Glass Boost every few weeks to keep your exterior glass perfect and protected.

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