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Adam's Grit Guard Washboard

Part Number: BKT1009
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Grit Guard
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The Adam's Grit Guard Washboard is an innovative new addition to the proven and very effective Grit Guard Insert. The Washboard connects into the top of the Grit Guard to give a more upright, angled surface inside of your bucket for scrubbing your wash pads and various wheel, tire, and fender brushes to release dirt particles.

  • Attaches To Grit Guard Insert
  • Vertical Ribs For Easier Scrubbing
  • Easy Assembly, Strong Construction
  • Removes Dirt From Wash Pads, Mitts, Brushes & More!
Just like the Grit Guard Insert, since there are no flat surfaces, dirt particles and grit will make their way down the through the Washboard and Grit Guard and stay at the bottom of your bucket, adding another layer of safety during your wash process. The angled surface makes it much easier to scrub out brushes that may not fit flat into the bucket if they have a long handle, and also helps clean wash pads more easily as well.

*The Grit Guard Washboard is designed to connect into the Grit Guard Bucket insert and create one secure cleaning tool, so make sure to grab a required Adam's Grit Guard Insert if you do not already have one to work with this tool.

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