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Adam's Hand Polish - 4oz

Part Number: HPL366-01-004
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Hand Polish
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Adams Hand Polish is a unique creme polish that imparts a dazzling gloss, depth of color, and amazing slickness while also effectively removing minor swirls, sand scratches, imperfections and oxidation without generating any haze. This formula was designed and perfected to work both via hand with Adam's Blue Hex-Grip Polish Applicator or with our Swirl Killer Polishing systems and our White Foam Polishing Pad to enable versatility in quickly generating improved shine and brilliance to a vehicle's paintwork.

  • Adds Depth, Gloss, Slickness and Clarity
  • Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove
  • Use via Hand or Machine for Versatility
  • Lubricates without Smearing
  • Durable Layer of Protection
  • Proudly made in the USA!

What makes Adam's Hand Polish unique is it acts as both a polish and glaze simultaneously, while offering a layer of slick, polymer protection that helps seal the paint without smearing and protects from UV oxidation, airborne pollutants, dirt, dust and other contaminants. This stand-alone protection is offered alongside a specially formulated blend of micro-fine abrasives that are capable of minor scratch and swirl removal that is surprisingly effective simply by hand. 

Adam's Hand Polish is exceedingly easy to use and is built with a forgiving solvency system that allows for use in direct sunlight without the product ever drying out, dusting, or losing lubricity. 

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