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Adam's Iron Remover - 16oz

Part Number: IRM276-01-016
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Iron Remover
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Eliminate those pesky orange brake dust dots, deep-cleaning your paint!
  • Safe on Clear Coat and Single Stage Paint
  • Ready-to-Use, No Diluting Necessary
  • Dissolves Iron Particles Embedded into Paint Surfaces, Changes Color to Purple as it Works
  • Great for Deep-Clean Prep Before Claying or Polishing Surfaces

Product Details:

Adam’s Iron Remover is a deep-clean formula that specifically targets and safely removes iron and metallic particles on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Easily eliminate those annoying little orange brake dust dots that show up on silver, white, and other light-colored vehicles!

Adam’s Iron Remover introduces the similar iron-activated technology found in Adam’s Wheel Cleaner, but it has been reformulated to get to work fast on your paint to remove bonded contaminants embedded into the paint. This formula is slightly thinner in consistency as well, allowing for a better misting pattern to cover large surface areas on paint.

To start, give your vehicle a rinse before grabbing your 16oz bottle of Iron Remover – by doing this, you’re ensuring that the chemical isn’t wasting any time going after surface dirt or debris. The more consistent the coverage of the sprayers, the more effective the product will be, so to get the most out of the paint cleansing process, pour some Iron Remover into our pressurized IK Multi-Use Sprayer.

After about 4-5 minutes, the paint will start to “bleed” purple – this is a good thing, showing that the chemical is hard at work removing any embedded contamination that may not be removed as easily with a clay bar or clay mitt. Thoroughly rinse all chemical from the vehicle – ensuring that the paint and windows are fully blasted clean. Then you’re ready for the next step, the wash phase.

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