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Adam's Paint Sealant - 8 oz

Part Number: LPS388-01-008
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Paint Sealant
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 Protect your paint for 6-9 months in a matter of minutes with this unique, synthetic, thermo-resin sealant!

  • Durable, Thermo-Resin Technology
  • Machine or Hand application
  • Increases shine, hydrophobic properties, and UV resistance
  • Made in the USA

Adamā€™s Paint Sealant is an easy-to-use synthetic paint sealer that is based on thermo-resin technology. This soft, cream-like product will protect your paint, wheels, or other painted exterior surfaces for 6-9 months! The UV blockers carefully maintain the gloss, shine, and reflective properties of your finish. This product can be applied by hand or machine, and should be applied before waxes or glazes to ensure a hearty bond with the clear coat surface.

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