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Rinse + Coat
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Adams Rinse + Coat is an instant, hydrophobic sealant that can be applied with a simple mist and rinse style of application to boost hydrophobicity of your current protection or to generate new protection stand alone. Adams Rinse + Coat produces a dazzling amount of gloss and is surprisingly durable and chemically resistant for its ridiculously easy nature of application. One quick application can last as much as 90 days!

Ready to Use Formula ā€â€œ No Dilution Necessary
Effortless Spray On/Rinse Off Application
Provides Added Hydrophobicity, Slickness and Gloss
Suitable for All Surfaces Including Glass and Plastics
Hybridized Polymer Formulation Seals Paint for up to 90 Days!
Adams Rinse + Coat is most at home for our customers who like to visit self-serve car washes and need some instant gratification when in a hurry. After completing a wash, simply mist the Adams Rinse + Coat over several panels and quickly rinse off the excess product to generate a highly hydrophobic coating. Reapply as frequently as desired and enjoy the self-cleaning properties of this effortless to use detailer without the need for touching and potentially scratching your paint.

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