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Adam's Rubberized Tire Brush

Part Number: BRU1013
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Tire Brush
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Adam’s Rubberized Tire Brush is the perfect brush to clean dirty tires and release dirt and road grime! This brush has been designed from the ground up with tough bristles to get even the dirtiest tires perfectly clean. The custom-molded tire brush features a very comfortable handle! Other brush designs have a plastic edge that could cause scratching to the wheel or surrounding surfaces on your vehicle. We have developed this rubber edge to protect any contact damage to your wheels or painted fenders. Look no further for the perfect tire brush. Adam’s Rubberized Tire Brush, in correlation with our chemistry, will make quick work for even the dirtiest tires.

  • Short Handle for Easy Scrubbing
  • Durable, Dense Red & Black 1 1/4" Bristles
  • High-Quality Brush Head and Handle
  • Extremely Safe, Strong, and Durable Rubberized Construction
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort While Cleaning
  • For Use with Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner 

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