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Adam's Scratch & Swirl Remover

Part Number: SNS492-01-004
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Scratch & Swirl remover
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Adam’s Scratch & Swirl Remover safely removes scratches, swirls, and other minor defects and blemishes out of all types of paints. This easy to use formulation was specially designed with a blend of powerful, diminishing micro-alumina abrasives that disintegrate as they polish out worn, scratched, oxidized clear coat to reveal a lustrous finish. 

  • Restores Paint Clarity & Depth
  • Use via Hand or Machine for Versatility
  • Safe for all Paint Types & Colors
  • Smells Awesome!
  • Proudly made in the USA!

Adam’s Scratch & Swirl Remover was formulated specifically to provide sufficient lubrication and polishing by hand with Adam’s Orange Hex-Grip Polishing Applicator, but is also plenty suitable to use with Adam’s Swirl Killer Polishing systems and a White Foam Polishing Pad. Adam’s Scratch & Swirl Remover contains no waxes, additives, silicones or other fillers and offers true correction while boasting a dustless performance even in direct sunlight regardless of how it is applied. If all of this wasn’t enough, it also smells absolutely amazing!

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