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Adam's Suede Microfiber Towel

Part Number: TWL1003-S
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Microfiber Towel
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The perfect towel for removing ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coating a vehicle is 80% in the preparation, 20% in the application - when ceramic coating your finish, you take extra precaution to ensure your paint is perfected and corrected to the highest possible shine. Using only the most premium of microfiber towels and polishes to get your paint in show-ready condition, the final steps of ceramic coating are the most crucial to make sure your hard work doesnā€™t go unnoticed. 

After reviewing the process of coating a vehicleā€™s surface and developing a specific regimen of ceramic installation, we have found that the towels used to remove the coating are quintessential to the longevity of the lifetime of the coating. With that being said, we have found our newest tool in our detailing tool beltā€¦the Adamā€™s Ceramic Coating Removal Towel. This suede towel contains an extremely low-pile that allows the coatingā€™s surface oils and residues to be removed safely, without removing any of the remnants of the coatingā€™s pertinent substances. 

During the coating process, the coating is applied with a micro-silk applicator to ensure no scratching and an even transfer of coating to the vehicleā€™s surface. The soft material and low-pile design allow the coating to be applied from the applicator and transferred onto the paint with minimal absorption into the inner sponge portion of the applicator. This same concept is carried over into the removal process and has showcased some exceedingly higher longevity rates for us. 

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