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Adam's TAR & Adhesive Remover

Part Number: AER1003
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TAR Removal
Adamā€™s TAR (Tar & Adhesive Remover) quickly dissolves and loosens difficult to remove contaminants such as tar, sap, grease, asphalt, glue and adhesive residues. Adamā€™s TAR is safe for all clear coats, paints and chromes. 

  • Ready to Use, Solvent-Based Formula
  • Quickly Eliminate Difficult Contaminants in Seconds
  • Suitable for all Clear Coats, Paints and Chrome
  • 9oz Aerosol For Easy Application
  • Designed To Remove Road Tar & Adhesive

Adamā€™s TAR is a carefully crafted, unique blend of powerful solvents, natural citrus oils, and alcohols that have been found to be ridiculously effective on even baked-on contaminants that other all-purpose cleaners canā€™t seem to budge. Despite this high solvency, Adamā€™s TAR is formulated to be dependable on surfaces without dulling or damaging the finish.  

*Adamā€™s TAR is not to be used on a hot surface and works best when the area is pre-moistened with water. Do not allow Adamā€™s TAR to completely dry. Do not allow Adamā€™s TAR to dwell for more than one minute as the powerful active solvency may damage surfaces if forgotten.   

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