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Adam's Tire Armor - 8 oz

Part Number: TAR700-01-008
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Tire Armor
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Adam's Tire Armor is a semi-permanent, acrylic layer that gives tires a dressed or new tire look for an extended period of time. Silicone although its shiny and leaves a dressed appearance, doesn’t last! Adam's Tire Armor is a silicone-free product and will outlast any conventional tire dressing and leave your tires fresh, hydrophobic, and non-browning for weeks.

  • New COAT (Customized Optional Acrylic Technology) Formula
  • Extremely Long Lasting Tire Dressing leaves no residue, reduces dust, dirt, and eliminates sling like conventional tire dressings!
  • Hydrophobic Coating Makes Dirt, Grime, Snow, and Rain easier to clean!
  • UV Inhibitor Resists Harmful UV Rays

It’s patented COAT feature (Customized Optional Acrylic Technology) allows you to decide whether you want a flatter, satin finish, or a glossier, wet look in a matter of minutes!

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Tire Armor is a semi-permanent coating for rubber tires. Over-applying can cause drips in the final result, so be sure to work the product thoroughly into the surface and allow proper dry time. Adam’s Tire Armor is not a conventional tire dressing; spraying on and walking away will result in uneven coverage that will need to be removed before reapplication.

As this product is a semi-permanent tire dressing, it is not designed to come off with ease of conventional degreasers and rubber cleaners. For removal steps, please call Adam’s HQ at 866-965-0400

What is Tire Armor? Tire Armor is a silicone-free, acrylic clear coat for rubber and tires. It’s extremely elastic and flexible properties allow the tire to continue performing like it’s bare, but stay protected and dressed!

How long does it last?With proper cleaning and application, you can expect Tire Armor to last several weeks to months.
Do I need to clean my tires before?Yes. The most important in any coating or protection is always the preparation. Please ensure tires have been thoroughly cleaned and perfectly dried upon application. There are silicones and mold release agents deep in your tire’s tread that must be removed before applying the protective barrier.

What will happen if I don’t clean my tires properly?Tire Armor is a silicone-free, water based product. Because of this, the finish will flake or peel off over time in the areas that were not properly treated.

Does it attract dust like the other tire dressings on the market?No. Tire Armor creates an Anti-Static finish that’s dry to the touch in less than 15 minutes. Dust and dirt will not stick to the tire, so you can wipe away any unwanted contaminants with ease!

Is this a ceramic coating for Rubber?No. Tire Armor contains no SiO2 in the formula, thus not making it ceramic or silica infused.

Rubber is supposed to naturally expand and contract. Does this hurt my tire’s sidewall integrity?No. Since Tire Armor is extremely flexible and dry to the touch in such a short time, the tire is able to flex, breathe, and expand like it is meant to. Extreme heat may cause the finish to bloom and slightly yellow.

How do I remove the coating if I want to apply a fresh coat?Please call our customer service team: (866) 965-0400

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