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C8 Corvette Air Filter Shootout

This is the first of many dyno tests to come to show how performance parts add horsepower to the C8 Corvette.

Our performance testing here at Paragon takes place on our in-house DynoJet enclosed within a dyno cell. We specifically chose a DynoJet for our shop for the purpose of being able to provide consistent data and results that are easier to compare to other results produced on other DynoJet dynos across the world.
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C8 Corvette Radiator / Condenser Grill Guards

Back in May of 2020 when we got our first C8 Corvette we noticed right away that the large openings on the front of the car would cause damage to the A/C condensers / radiators on the front of the car. This damage can quickly becomes an eyesore to look at. We've seen this happen on other exotics and so we set out to try and correct this.
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C8 Corvette Front Lift Lowering Collars - Overview

So you finally got your new 2020+ C8 Z51 Corvette with front lift, only to find out you cannot lower the front of the car to make it actually look like a sports car. What to do now? Well we have researched and designed a solution for this.
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