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Brixton Forged RF10 C8 Corvette Wheels - 20x9, 21x12 - Satin Black

Part Number: RF10-2021-GLBLK
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C8 Corvette Wheels
Brixton Forged RF10 C8 Corvette Wheels

Introducing the Brixton Forged Radial Forged Wheels for the C8 Corvette - a perfect blend of timeless motorsport aesthetics and contemporary design. Their wheels are meticulously crafted using advanced rotary forged technology, delivering unmatched performance and striking visual appeal.

With a focus on maximizing concavity and achieving flush fitment, each wheel set is engineered to enhance the aggressive stance of your vehicle. Expanded widths and offsets on all models enables a more assertive fitment and increased traction for a thrilling driving experience.

Precise sizing options of 20x9 in the front and 21x12 in the rear, these wheels are perfectly tailored to optimize performance and aesthetics on your C8 Corvette.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating geometries of classic racing, Brixton designers have reimagined these elements with a modern twist. The result is a collection of wheels that not only elevate your vehicle's style but also enhance its performance.

Every Brixton Forged wheel is purpose-built and meticulously designed for each specific application. This tailored approach allows us to optimize dimensions and weights, resulting in improved acceleration, shorter braking distances, and enhanced cornering response.

Experience the perfect fusion of artistry and engineering with Brixton Forged Radial Forged 10 Wheels. Elevate your driving experience and make a bold statement with these meticulously crafted wheels.

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