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C8 Corvette AcDelco Air Filter - GM OEM

Part Number: 84321605
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C8 Corvette Air Filter
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AcDelco Gold Engine Air Filter

Regular replacement of engine air filters is important for your car. Air filters trap airborne particles before they enter the engine. Excessively dirty filter elements decrease engine performance and increase fuel consumption. ACDelco Gold engine air filter elements use world-class filter technology to block 99 percent of airborne dust and dirt that can harm your engine. 
  • Excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management, and high durability for outstanding performance
  • The ability to trap microscopic dirt that can damage cylinder walls, pistons, and piston rings
  • Tight seals that help prevent unfiltered air from entering your engine
  • Heat-resistant plastic on the top and bottom, with special sealing beads that provide a protective seal against automotive operating environments
  • A radial seal for easy installation on late model vehicles

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