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Inside Paragon Performance's C8 Corvette Supercharger Install

Getting Started

We're thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our latest endeavor: the installation of a Magnuson TVS2650 Supercharger on a C8 Corvette Stingray. Join us on this journey as we dive into the process of installing a C8 Supercharger, led by our talented team members Alex, Graham and Korey.

Baseline Dyno Runs:

Before starting on any modifications, we believe in setting a benchmark. Our skilled tuner, Graham, meticulously conducted baseline dyno runs to assess the stock power levels of this C8 Corvette. With readings ranging from 433 to 439 horsepower at the wheels, we had a clear starting point for our performance upgrade.

Paragon Performance Dyno Services

Initial Disassembly: 

With baseline data in hand, it was time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the heart of this Corvette, its legendary LT2 engine. Under the expert guidance of Alex, the car was carefully disassembled, making way for the transformative upgrades ahead. From removing the engine to adding components like our Paragon Catch Can & aftermarket headers then removing the E99 ECM, every step was executed with precision and care.

C8 Corvette Stingray LT2 Engine Removal
 ECM Handling:

One of the critical aspects of our installation process is the handling of the ECM. With great attention to detail, Korey ensured that the ECM was safely removed, documented, and shipped to Trifecta for unlocking and bench mapping. This crucial step laid the foundation for seamless integration with the Lingenfelter Magnuson C8 Supercharger Kit.

C8 Corvette E99 ECM

Supercharger Installation: 

As the heart of the upgrade, the installation of the Magnuson TVS2650 Supercharger demanded expertise and finesse. Alex led the charge, prepping the engine for the new addition. From removing the OEM intake manifold to adjustin vacuum lines and electrical connectors, no detail was overlooked. Additionally, the installation of headers added an extra layer of performance enhancement, further enhancing the  Corvette's LT2 capabilities.C8 Supercharger Kit Engine Prep

Reassembly and Testing: 

With the supercharger securely in place, it was time to reassemble the Corvette and prepare for testing. Alex meticulously reinstalled the engine, ensuring precise alignment and functionality. Initial startup and air bleeding from the cooling system marked the beginning of the final testing phase, where every component was scrutinized for optimal performance.