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C8 Corvette Z06 Vossen Forged Wheels

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C8 Corvette Z06 Vossen Forged Wheels

Introducing the Forged Vossen Wheels Upgrade for the C8 Corvette Z06 – a synergy of advanced engineering and artistic craftsmanship that pushes the boundaries of automotive aesthetics and performance. Every aspect of the Vossen Forged wheels is meticulously designed and executed to provide an unparalleled driving experience and an exceptional visual impact. All Vosssen C8 Z06 Wheels are built to order! 8-10 week lead time

Innovative Machining: The Vossen Forged Factory boasts a cutting-edge arsenal of 22 CNC machines that drive the production process. Employing a combination of vertical lathes for superior concentricity and mills with high rigidity for smoother surface finishes, the manufacturing process ensures precision and efficiency. The use of an internal network for CNC program storage facilitates seamless accessibility and machine interchangeability.

Artisanal Hand Prep: Wheels destined for brushed or polished finishes undergo meticulous hand preparation in the dedicated Hand Prep Department. This labor-intensive process imparts a distinct artisanal character, delivering a unique appearance that can only be achieved through skilled craftsmanship.

The Infini-Lip Signature: The Precision Series showcases the iconic Infini-Lip barrel, characterized by its seamless transition from the wheel face to the barrel. Achieving this level of perfection demands precision at every manufacturing stage, resulting in a harmonious and unobstructed design element.

Tailored to Vehicle Aesthetics: Harnessing the power of Vehicle Tailored Engineering and an extensive measuring process, Vossen Forged wheels are meticulously optimized for each vehicle model. This customization maximizes concavity and ensures a flawless fit that enhances both style and performance.

Rigorous Testing: Every Vossen Forged wheel design undergoes exhaustive physical testing to adhere to SAE and TUV standards. Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations simulate cornering, radial, and impact scenarios specific to the vehicle, guaranteeing durability and safety.

Precise Measurements: Over 100 measurements, including weight distribution and rating, are meticulously collected from each vehicle. These measurements dictate each wheel's minimum material requirement. Exclusive to the Precision Series, dimensions like center drop, hub, and mounting surface diameters are tailored to the vehicle's bolt pattern, further reducing weight.

Uncompromising Material Quality: Vossen Forged wheels begin with aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, forged into a proprietary design. Enhanced by heat treatment for exceptional integrity, these monoblock forgings offer quality equal to, and often surpassing, materials used by leading OEM automakers.

Meticulous Programming: Each wheel's CAD model is translated into machine instructions (G-Code) using computer-aided manufacturing software (CAM). This ensures the precise execution of tool paths, resulting in a wheel that faithfully represents its engineered CAD model.

Precision Lathe Turning: The forging's initial lathe turning shapes the raw piece, both inside and out. Subsequent CNC milling brings forth the wheel's design while achieving remarkable precision by removing as little as 0.02” of material per pass.

Artistry in CNC Milling: In this phase, the wheel's design flourishes, with CNC machines removing minimal material per pass to achieve the utmost precision. The Precision Series stands out with exclusive milled features, echoing the essence of Vossen Forged's intricate detailing.

Strategic Lightening and Engraving: Lightening pockets are strategically milled into the wheel's back pad to shave weight without compromising integrity. Engraving of essential specifications adds a mark of authenticity and individuality to each Vossen Forged wheel.

Final Lathe Turning and Quality Control:The ultimate step in machining involves a meticulous final inner and outer lathe turning, achieving unparalleled precision. Each wheel undergoes rigorous quality control inspections, confirming critical dimensions, roundness, and runout. The result: a wheel with a runout within tolerance and a level of precision beyond comparison.

Exquisite In-House Finishing: Vossen's commitment to excellence extends to the in-house finishing facility, where cutting-edge equipment and meticulous attention to detail combine to produce the most refined finishes in the industry. Whether it's the lustrous shine of ceramic polishing or the enduring allure of powder coating, every finish applied to Vossen Forged wheels undergoes rigorous oversight at each stage of production.

Elevate your Corvette Z06's performance and style with the Forged Vossen Wheels – where innovation, artistry, and engineering converge to deliver a driving experience unlike any other.