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Back in May of 2020 when we got our first C8 Corvette we noticed right away that the large openings on the front of the car would cause damage to the A/C condensers / radiators on the front of the car. This damage can quickly becomes an eyesore to look at. We've seen this happen on other exotics and so we set out to try and correct this. 

We got the car up and got up and got to work on 3D scanning the front end. This will allow us to work with it in software and come up with a good design. Our goals were for something that sat behind the OEM plastic grill and installed without the use of cheesy zip ties. We needed to keep the front trunk button access, and also give an OEM finished look.

After some work with came up with a couple design prototypes. We had these cut so we could test fit.

Test fit went as planned with only a couple small things that needed adjustment. 

We then went out and tested them. We hit two track day events, and took the car to over 160MPH on track to ensure they held up. We drove the car around 3000 street miles to take a beating with road debris. The Paragon Performance C8 Corvette grills stood up to the test.

In the end we had achieved our goals.

OEM like style design and look
Uses OEM bolt in locations - No cheesy zip ties.
CNC laser cut
Keeps Front Trunk (Frunk) Button Access
Durable powder coat finish.
Installs behind OEM grill to provide OEM look.
Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty

Learn more about the grills here, and be sure to grab a set to protect your C8 Corvette!

Install Video