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Corsa C8 Corvette Cat Blankets

Part Number: corAC011
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The C8 Corvette is an engineering marvel with its mid-engine configuration eye catching body lines and incredible performance. With that engine placement comes an abundance of heat. One area exposed to excessive exhaust heat is the catalytic converters. In stock form Chevrolet added a significant amount of heat protection to the catalytic converters to prevent them from distributing excessive heat to other sensitive engine components in the engine bay. With the option to upgrade from the stock catalytic converters to RACE SPEC EPA Compliant High Flow Cats, CORSA Performance has designed catalytic converter Basalt lined Titanium infused catalytic converter heat blankets to also protect the C8 engine from added heat distributed from the CORSA Performance High Flow Cats.

• High End Titanium Weave Construction
• Ultimate Heat Protection up to 2500 F
• Provides Superior Heat Protection
• Riveted Anchor Design with Spring Connections Allows for Easy Installation
• Helps protect/stop heat damage of painted and carbon fiber parts
•Double Reinforced Seams with Stainless Steel Thread for Lasting Durability
• Custom Fitment Engineered to Fit Perfectly to CORSA Performance High Flow EPA Compliant Catalytic Converters
• 2 Year Warranty

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