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Corsa C8 Corvette Z06 Z06 Track Exhaust - No Mufflers

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C8 Corvette Z06 Exhaust
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Corsa C8 Z06 3" Cat Back - No Muffler

Introducing the CORSA Performance C8 Z06 3" Track Exhaust, a masterpiece in exhaust engineering designed specifically for the remarkable C8 Z06. This system redefines the driving experience with its unparalleled combination of powerful exotic notes and drone-free cruising. (Does NOT contain Corsa No Drone RSC Technology) 

Crafted with precision, the NPP 2 valve exhaust system delivers an exhilarating symphony during spirited drives, while ensuring civil cold starts. Thanks to CORSA's cutting-edge C8-Spec cast valve assembly, you retain complete control over all driving modes.

Constructed from high-grade 304 stainless steel and featuring braided stainless flex couplers, this exhaust system is built to withstand the rigors of performance driving. With solid hangars and rod hangars, it's engineered for stability and longevity.

Experience the pinnacle of exhaust technology with the CORSA C8 Z06 3" Track Exhaust - where power meets precision. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our Lifetime Warranty. Elevate your C8 Z06 today!

  • 7.14% Flow Increase
  • -31 lb Weight Reduction
  • Re-uses stock tips. *No CEL after C8 valve re-learn sequence
  • Features CORSA's new resonated sound tube designed to quiet the exhaust system in various driving modes blunting the harshest drone frequencies
  • Does not contain CORSA Performance No Drone RSC Technology

  • 3.0" Cat-back exhaust system weighs 31 lbs. less than stock
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction throughout
  • Maintains full NPP driving mode functionality
  • Dyno tested to unlock up to 12 horsepower and 13 ft lbs. of torque
  • Features CORSA's new and improved serviceable cast valve assembly
  • Custom tuned to unleash a more exotic and louder exhaust note than stock while maintaining a Drone-Free driving experience
  • Louder under acceleration and quieter than stock at cruise
  • Re-uses stock tips
  • No CEL after valve re-learn sequence
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty Exhaust. 5 Years Valves

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