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CTEK MUS 4.3 Battery Charger / Tender

Part Number: 56-959
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Vehicle Battery Charger/Tender
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Complete Battery Care: CTEKs unique and patented system is designed to recover, charge, and maintain all lead-acid battery types, maximizing performance and extending their lifespan.

Safe and Easy Operation: Prioritizing user safety, their charger ensures spark-free operation and offers reverse polarity protection. It delivers exceptionally clean voltage and current with no surges or spikes, enhancing vehicle electrical safety. Plus, there's no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle during the charging process.

Connect and Forget: With its simple plug-and-play operation, select the program and mode, and let the charger take care of the rest.

Unique 8-Step Charging: CTEKs patented 8-step program assesses battery condition, reviving, charging, and maintaining to guarantee maximum battery life and performance. The RECOND mode recovers deep-discharged and stratified batteries, while the FLOAT/PULSE maintenance ensures ideal battery care during periods of inactivity.

Battery and Alternator Testing: Offers three straightforward test programs to evaluate the condition and performance of both the battery and the vehicle's charging system.

Extended Battery Life: The combination of unique features in CTEK chargers works together to optimize performance and extend the life of your battery.


The MUS 4.3 TEST&CHARGE (Part No. 56-959) is an advanced microprocessor-controlled battery charger equipped with a battery and alternator test function. This provides an all-encompassing solution for battery testing, charging, and maintenance.

The MUS 4.3 TEST&CHARGE excels in handling batteries ranging from 1.2Ah up to 110Ah. It effectively addresses a wide spectrum of battery issues, featuring a patented automatic desulphation program and a specialized reconditioning function for the revival of deeply discharged and stratified batteries. The patented Float/Pulse maintenance function makes this charger perfect for long-term battery upkeep. The Recond and 'Snowflake' modes are available in both 0.8A and 4.3A programs, offering great flexibility for the user.

Through three user-friendly programs, it evaluates battery voltage, start power, and alternator performance. This comprehensive analysis provides a complete overview of the health of your battery and vehicle charging system.

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