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GiroDisc C8 Corvette Z51 Titanium Brake Pad Shields - Front

Part Number: TS-4005-4
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C8 Corvette Braking
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GiroDisc Titanium Brake Bad Shields

Introducing the Girodisc Titanium Brake Pad Shield Shims, a revolutionary solution to combat brake fluid boiling and enhance the performance of your C8 Corvette Z51 braking system. Designed to address the problem of heat transfer from the rotors and pads to the brake fluid through the caliper pistons, these shims offer an effective way to keep your brake fluid cool and prevent fluid boiling.

During intense braking, heat can cause the brake fluid to boil, releasing air that compromises brake performance. To prevent this issue, Girodisc has developed a unique solution using thin titanium shims placed between the brake pad back and the pistons. Titanium, known for its low thermal conductivity, significantly reduces heat transfer compared to steel and aluminum.

With a thermal conductivity rating of 6.7 W/mk, titanium outperforms steel (52 W/mk) and aluminum (130 W/mk) in heat insulation. By minimizing heat transfer into the pistons and fluid, these shims provide a reliable defense against brake fluid boiling, especially during demanding track sessions.

Girodisc Titanium Brake Pad Shield Shims are water jet cut to ensure an exact fit without the need for cutting, grinding, or frustration. Each set includes four shims, enough for one axle. Easy to install, these shims offer affordable protection against the loss of pedal feel caused by boiling brake fluid.

Don't let brake fluid boiling compromise your braking performance on the track. Invest in the Girodisc Titanium Brake Pad Shield Shims and enjoy confident and consistent braking performance, even under extreme conditions. Enhance your braking system with this high-quality solution from Girodisc.

Price is per axle (four pieces)