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Jax Wax Ceramic Shampoo 32oz

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Jax Wax Vehicle Shampoo
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Jax Wax Ceramic Shampoo

The Safest and Most Effective Protection: Ceramic Shampoo is your go-to solution for adding protection when washing your ceramic coated vehicle. Infused with silica, this shampoo offers superior protection without harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning experience.

Versatile Application: Whether you prefer hand washing or using a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun, Ceramic Shampoo caters to all washing methods, providing flexibility and convenience.

SiO2 Technology Infusion: Infused with SiO2 (silicon dioxide) technology, Ceramic Shampoo rejuvenates your coated vehicle by adding a silica layer to the ceramic coating, enhancing protection and durability.

Safe and Gentle on All Surfaces: Formulated with high lubricity and no harsh chemicals, Ceramic Shampoo is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces, including paint, chrome, plastic, and PPF (Paint Protection Film).


For Foam Cannons or Foam Guns: Use 2-5 oz. of Ceramic Shampoo
For Hand Washes: Dilute 3 oz. of Ceramic Shampoo in your wash bucket

Key Features
Versatile Application Methods: Suitable for hand washing or application via Foam Cannon or Foam Gun.
SiO2 Technology Infusion: Adds a silica layer to ceramic coatings, enhancing protection.
Safe and Gentle on Various Surfaces: Contains no harsh chemicals, safe for all vehicle surfaces.
Efficiency and Ease of Use: Highly concentrated formula creates a high volume of suds with minimal product, ensuring effective cleaning and protection.

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