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Jax Wax Graphene Detail Spray - 16oz

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Jax Wax Detail Spray
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Jax Wax Graphene Detailer

Graphene Oxide-Based Formula: Offering extreme protection and increased hydrophobic properties, this detailer is ideal for all vehicle surfaces, from paint to glass and metal.

Ideal for Maintaining Coated Vehicles: Enhancing slickness, gloss, and protection, it's perfect for maintaining the quality of graphene ceramic coatings.

Versatile Use: Not only a complement to coated vehicles but also a standalone sealant for non-coated vehicles, delivering excellent results.

How It Works
Application: Spray onto a clean, dry surface or use as a quick maintenance solution on a coated vehicle.
Buffing: Wipe off with a microfiber towel for an immediate slick, protective finish.
Result: Enjoy enhanced gloss and hydrophobic properties.

The Details

Graphene Oxide Formula: Provides enhanced protection and hydrophobic properties.
Ideal for Ceramic Coatings: Great for maintaining and enhancing coated vehicles.
Versatile Application: Works as both a complement to coatings and a standalone sealant.
Easy to Use: Simple spray-and-wipe application for immediate results.
Jax Wax Graphene Detailer brings revolutionary protection and enhanced hydrophobic properties to your car care routine, ensuring your vehicle maintains its shine and protection with ease.

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