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Jax Wax Graphene Tire & Trim Gel 16oz

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Jax Wax Graphene Tire and Trim Gel
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Jax Wax Graphene Tire & Trim Gel

Advanced Graphene-Infused Formula: Jax Wax Graphene Tire & Trim Gel utilizes the power of graphene to provide superior durability and a long-lasting, water-based tire dressing that resists slinging onto your paint.

Versatile and Safe: Ideal for both tires and trim, this gel ensures a high shine without causing any damage to the surface.

User-Friendly Application: Simply apply a thin coat using a Jax Wax tire dressing applicator. You can achieve a high shine or a more natural look based on your preference.

How It Works

Apply a Thin Coat: Use a tire dressing applicator to apply a thin layer.
Let It Sit: Allow it to sit for 5 minutes.
Adjust Shine: For a natural shine, wipe down the tire again with the applicator.

The Details

Graphene-Infused Technology: Provides enhanced durability and protection.
Versatile Use: Suitable for both tires and trim, improving overall vehicle appearance.
Long-Lasting Shine: Offers a sustainable, high-quality shine.
User-Friendly Application: Easy to apply for either a high shine or a natural finish.

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