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Jax Wax Interior Detailer Spray 16oz

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Jax Wax Interior Detail Spray
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Jax Interior Detailer: Simplified Cleaning and Protection for Your Vehicle's Interior
Streamline your interior cleaning routine with Jax Interior Detailer, designed to provide a one-step solution for refreshing and safeguarding your vehicle's interior surfaces.

Multi-Surface Compatibility
Formulated to effortlessly clean a range of interior surfaces, including leather seats, door panels, dashboard, console, and steering wheel, while subtly enhancing their color.

Effective and Gentle
This dynamic formula is tough on stubborn stains yet gentle enough for regular use on delicate interior surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean without compromising quality.

Odor Encapsulation Technology
Cleansing your interior while leaving behind a delightful, fresh scent, elevating the overall ambiance and leaving a lasting impression.

How it Works
Spray and Wipe: Apply onto a utility microfiber towel and gently wipe the area to be cleaned.
Remove Excess: Wipe off any excess product with a dry microfiber towel.
Deep Clean: For heavily soiled areas, allow the product to penetrate before wiping clean.
Leather Care: If used on leather, follow up with Jax Wax Leather Magic or Jax Wax Leather Renew for conditioning.

The Details
Versatile Surface Cleaner: Effectively tackles dirt and grime on various interior surfaces, including leather, plastic, and upholstery.
Balanced Formula: Strong enough to combat tough stains yet gentle for regular maintenance, ensuring long-term cleanliness.
Pleasant Scent: Leaves behind a refreshing aroma, enhancing the interior environment.
Simple Application: Easy-to-use spray and wipe process for hassle-free cleaning.

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