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Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz

Part Number: JUWC16
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Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
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Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner: Powerful, Safe, and Effective

Advanced Cleaning Formula: Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner features a non-acidic, pH-balanced formula, making it safe for a variety of wheel types, including chrome, painted, clear-coated, aluminum, steel, alloy, and more.

Effective Against Tough Grime: This cleaner excels at removing stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination, leaving your wheels looking pristine.

Safe and Gentle on Wheels: Its gentle formulation ensures that it won't harm or degrade your wheel finish.

Easy to Use: Simply spray on a cool, wet wheel, let it dwell, agitate with a soft brush or mitt, and rinse off for spectacular results.

How It Works

Spray: Liberally apply on a cool, wet wheel.
Dwell: Allow it to sit on the surface for 2-5 minutes, or until the color changes.
Agitate: Use a soft wheel brush or wash mitt to agitate.
Rinse: Rinse thoroughly for a clean, spotless finish.

The Details

Non-Acid, pH-Balanced Formula: Safe for use on most types of wheels.
Effective Against Brake Dust and Metallic Contamination: Ensures a thorough clean.
Gentle on Wheel Finishes: Won't harm or degrade wheel surfaces.
Easy Application: Simple spray, dwell, agitate, and rinse process for efficient cleaning.

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