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Lambskin Wash Mitt

Part Number: MIT1010
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Car Wash Mitt
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The finest lambskin wash mitt we've brought into our line. Gently massage your paint during washing without worry of damaging your finish.

Adam's Premium Wash Pad doesn't just cleanse your paint of contamination, it gently feathers the surface with super soft lambskin wool. This premium washing accessory will deliver a clean, undamaged finish each time you use it. The leather-bound internal mitt keeps your hands dry and suds free, while the elastic cotton cuff provides control for any size hands. Use Adam's Premium Wash Pad with any pH neutral soap to avoid fibers from loosening or prematurely falling out.

Adam's Premium Wash Pad is made from premium, super soft lambskin to pamper your vehicle to a perfect clean with ease. This products soft while long nap holds a ton of suds and gently washes any dirt, grime, or contamination away. In our washing accessories line up, we now have 4 different options to choose from, but each provide their own unique benefits and uses. Our standard 10x10ā€Â¯ Wash Pad is great for your daily driver and a standard car wash, however, this Premium Wash Pad is a much softer option for your weekend cruiser or garage queens that require that extra soft step. 

Adam's Premium Wash Pad should be used with pH neutral soap to avoid loss of fibers prematurely and improper post-wash care will lead to decreased longevity of this wash pad. Use Adam's Premium Wash Pad during your wash to easily.

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