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Magnaflow C8 Corvette xMod Series Performance Exhaust

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C8 Corvette Exhaust
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The MagnaFlow xMOD Series Cat-Back Exhaust System for the C8 offers the modularity of MagnaFlow’s xMOD series in a compact package, designed for high performance and durability. With days of dyno and track testing Magnaflow wanted to ensure that this exhaust kit does all this while enhancing the exhaust sound with their deep signature tone. Increase max power of your C8 by up to 18 hp and 17 lb. ft. of torque, with peak power gains of up to 12 hp and 13 lb. ft. of torque.

Configure your Corvette C8's sound utilizing specifically engineered, interchangeable modules. Easily switch from the signature deep MagnaFlow rumble to a throaty racing-inspired tone.

MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology utilizes quarter-wave passive noise cancellation to eliminate unwanted droning frequencies for improved interior comfort and sound.

Rigorous research and engineering goes into making sure that every xMOD Series exhaust system maximizes the performance of your vehicle no matter which module you choose to install.

Change up your sound to match your mood. From our classic MagnaFlow tone to the xTreme Delete straight-pipe experience, the xMOD Series is the perfect exhaust for every situation.

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