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Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad

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Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad
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Jax Wax Microfiber Applicators: Achieve Professional-Level Results with Ease

These 4"x 6" plush rectangular microfiber applicators are crafted to be ultra-soft, ensuring they won't scratch delicate surfaces while effectively picking up contaminants like a magnet. This makes them ideal for sensitive cleaning tasks.

Perfect for Interior Cleaners and Dressings
These applicators are designed to evenly distribute interior cleaners and dressings, making the application process smooth and efficient. Unlike rags and towels, they provide precise control, allowing for a uniform coat and saving you time.

Durable and Easy to Maintain
Microfiber wrapped around an absorbent sponge core ensures these applicators hold the right amount of product, facilitating easy application. After use, simply rinse and dry or launder them with your microfiber towels for repeated use.

How it Works
Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application.
Apply Product: Dab a small amount of product onto the microfiber surface of the applicator.
Smooth Application: Gently glide the applicator over the surface, allowing the dense foam interior to evenly distribute the product.
Even Coverage: Work in sections to ensure full coverage with a uniform coat.
Maintenance: Rinse and let dry, or launder just as you would your microfiber towels.

The Details

Super Soft and Safe for Delicate Surfaces
Gentle Touch: Made from plush microfiber material, these applicators are designed to provide a scratch-free application, making them safe for even the most delicate surfaces.
Effective Cleaning: Their ability to lift and trap contaminants like a magnet enhances their suitability for sensitive cleaning tasks.
Ideal for Interior Cleaners and Dressings
Versatile Use: Perfect for applying a wide range of interior cleaners and dressings, ensuring a smooth, even coat every time.
Professional Results: Achieve professional-level results without damaging surfaces.
Superior to Rags and Towels
Controlled Application: Unlike traditional rags and towels, these applicators allow for precise control over the amount of product used, ensuring an even coat.
Time-Saving: Their efficient design saves time by providing better results with less effort.

Easy Maintenance
Reusable: Easily cleaned by rinsing and allowing them to dry or by laundering with your microfiber towels, ensuring they can be reused multiple times.
Cost-Effective: Provides an environmentally friendly solution to your cleaning needs.
Exceptional Protection as a Base Layer

Not only do these applicators serve as outstanding tools for applying cleaners and dressings, but they also excel when used as a foundational base layer of protection. Their design helps shield your vehicle's surfaces from the elements, maintaining your vehicle's pristine condition.

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