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C8 Corvette Base Front Lift - Rear Coilover / Lowering Kit

Part Number: PP-Z51-Strut-Kit
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Non Z51 to Z51 Rear Coilover Kit
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Do you have a base C8 Corvette with front lift? Are you looking to lower it and get rid of that monster truck wheel gap? If so this is the kit for you.

This kit is intended for cars that are non-Z51 with front lift.

Kit Includes

  • Paragon Performance lowering collars. This lowers the front of the car by almost an inch. FRONT LIFT CARS ONLY
  • OEM Z51 Rear Struts which will allow you to lower the rear of the car almost and inch.
This will give your base car the amount of lowering a stock Z51 car can do.  If you want to go even lower, you can then add our Paragon Performance springs which can be found below in related items. 

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