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Top C8 Corvette Body Kits

Best C8 Corvette Body Kits

Are you ready to take your C8 to the next level? We've rounded up the top C8 Body Kits to help you customize your Corvette and turn heads wherever you go!

From sleek and aggressive designs to carbon fiber ground effects, these body kits are sure to enhance your Corvette's appearance. Let's dive in and explore the options:

Maxton Design Body Kit - Wingless & Winglets

Starting with the most affordable kit on the market we have Maxton Design. They offer two styles for the C8 Corvette, one sleek & stylish and another with winglets for an aggressive look to match the lines on the C8 Stingray.

Both options are a 4pc kit which include a front splitter, two side skirts & a rear diffuser for styling. Made from ABS plastic, known for its resistance to damage, flexibility & durability, you can trust that this kit will last for the lifetime of your vehicle. The kit is finished in a sleek gloss black and coated with a UV-protective layer, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Maxton Design Wingless C8 Corvette Front Splitter
Maxton Design C8 Corvette Body Kit with Winglets

Chevrolet C8 Corvette Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Kit

The next offering is directly from General Motors with their Carbon Fiber 5VM Ground Effects Kit. Precision built and designed by the engineers who developed the Mid Engine Corvette you know the fit and finish will be perfect.

Includes an aggressive front splitter, side skirts and high wing, all in visible carbon fiber to really enhance the supercar styling. Additionally this kit helps increase downforce & reduces air pressure underneath to reduce drag for improved performance and increased traction. Not only does this kit perform it transforms the styling of your C8.

Chevrolet OEM Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Body Kit

APR Performance C8 Corvette 5VM Body Kit

If you're not looking to break the bank with the OEM GM 5VM Kit, APR Performance has an aftermarket option for you in a Carbon Fiber finish as well. While it's not OEM, APR is not known to cut corners around the manufacturing of their products. 

Included in their aero kit you will receive a Front Air Damn Splitter, Side Rocker Extension and a High Wing. Install is easy with OEM mounting locations for the splitter and C8 High Wing.

APR Performance Carbon Fiber 5VM Body Kit

Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Ventus 2 Aero Package

For peak track performance look no further than Verus Engineering. From aerodynamic upgrades for the average HPDE driver to full aero builds for Pikes Peak Hill Climb cars such as "Hoonipig", Verus doesn't settle on quality.

Included in the Ventus 2 C8 Aero Kit is their Chassis Mounted Front Splitter, Dual Dive Planes, Carbon Polyweave Side Splitters, Rear diffuser & a C8R Style Rear Wing. At 160mph this complete package creates 1200 lbs of downforce!

Read more about the C8 Corvette Ventus 2 CFD Analysis here.

Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Aerodynamic Parts

C8 Corvette Stingray to Z06 Front Bumper Conversion

With the wide body C8 Corvette Z06 now available, many C8 Stingray owners are envious of the aggressive look C8 Z06 brings. While this isn't a classic body kit, the Stingray to Z06 front bumper conversion brings Wide Body Z06 styling to your Stingray.

This 15 piece kit includes the following unpainted items: Flat Black Front Bumper Shell, 3pc Bottom Z06 Style Front Splitter, Lower Grilles, Fog Light Inserts, Canards (Dive Planes) & Plastic Bar Protection. 

C8 Corvette Stingray to Z06 Front Bumper Conversion

C8 Corvette Stingray to Z06 Rear Bumper Conversion

Now that you upgraded your Stingray front bumper to have Z06 styling, you need a matching rear bumper with wide vents. This kit is expertly engineered to provide your Stingray with the bold and aggressive rear-end appearance of the C8 Z06. 

Crafted with precision, it seamlessly integrates with your existing Stingray setup, delivering a striking visual upgrade that commands attention on the road. Retains your OEM spoiler shape so you can transfer your current wing or ducktail over.  

This kit includes the following unpainted items: Flat Black Rear Bumper Shell, Z06 Style Rear Grille Inserts & Trim Accessories. For a complete transformation, simply transfer your OEM Rear Valance, or opt for an even more striking look with the Paragon C8 Z06 Center Exit Exhaust Conversion Kit.

C8 Corvette Stingray to Z06 Rear Bumper Conversion

C8 Stingray/E-Ray Center Exit Exhaust Conversion

The classic center exit exhaust looks is back for the C8 Stingray & C8 E-Ray thanks to Paragon Performance and their conversion kit.

This kit uses OEM components, ensuring a seamless integration for a factory look.  The kit features an authentic Chevrolet valance, painted in Carbon Flash, along with grilles, trim & exhaust tips. It's a genuine upgrade that complements the Stingray's original design with a touch of sporty aggression! 

In addition, the conversion kit comes complete with a Paragon Performance Stainless Steel Center Exit Exhaust. Engineered for precision and crafted from high-quality materials, this exhaust system is built to deliver an exhilarating sound and optimized performance.

C8 Stingray - E-Ray Center Exit Exhaust Conversion Kit

Rocket Bunny C8 Corvette GReddy Pandem Wide Body Kit

Rocket Bunny kits are the pinnacle of the automotive tuning world. Their unique styling, designed by Ken Miura, transform any vehicle. Unlike the bolt on kits above, this option does require paint prep (to fill small surface imperfections, cover hairline surface cracks in the finish and sand seams and edged for fine fitment) and to smooth out the surface finish before paint. This C8 Corvette Wide Body Kit isn't for the average consumer, it's meant for those who want a true show stopping build. Rocket Bunny C8 Corvette Pandem Wide Body Kit


As we end our dive into C8 Corvette body kits, one thing is clear: the options are endless for transforming your ride. From sleek designs like the Maxton Design kits to the bold statement of Chevrolet's Carbon Fiber Ground Effects, each kit offers a unique way to customize your mid engine Corvette.

Whether you're looking for performance enhancements or simply want to turn heads, there's a kit out there for you. So, are you ready to take your C8 to the next level? The choice is yours, and the possibilities are limitless.