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Attack Blue C7 Corvette Air Filter

Part Number: 1001-100T
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C7 Corvette Air Filter
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Attack Blue Filter

Gain more power and more filtration with the Attack Blue C7 Corvette Air Filter. Obtains performance without forfeiting filtration by using Advanced Dry Nano Technology. Increases power by 30 hp on the LT4 and 10 hp on the LT1 by simply replacing the OEM air filter. No tuning is necessary, no surging and no "check engine lights". Nothing but more power, more torque, crisp throttle response with smooth drivability and great filtration. This filter uses Attack Blue's Nanofiber filtration media which catches dirt down to an incredible 0.3 submicron level which is the size of some bacteria! Nanofibers are ultra-fine which allow you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which will still allow air to flow. This submicron level of particulate retention can increase engine life by reducing wear on the internal engine surfaces.  

Dry - Washable & Reusable
The Attack Blue C7 Filter uses an engineered proprietary dry washable and reusable media. To clean, just use soap and water! NO oils, NO chemicals needed to buy or use. 

  • 30 HP on the LT4 engine and 10 HP on the LT1
  • Advanced Dry Nanofiber Technology
  • Dry No Oil Filter Media
  • Washable & Reusable 
  • Direct O.E Replacement
  • Precise Fit & Seal
  • Dyno Tested & Proven
  • No Engine Codes
  • Made in the USA! 

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