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C7 Corvette Z06 17-19 Paragon Stage 1 Tune Package

Part Number: PP_STG1_C7Z_17_PKG
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C7 Z06 Corvette Tuning Package
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Paragon Performance Stage 1 Tune

The Paragon Performance Stage 1 tune for the C7 Z06 Corvette is intended for a completely stock car and gains all the power and torque from remapping the ECM. GM chose to detune the LT4 engine in the Z06 quite a bit from the factory. Through our dyno testing, we determined that there is actually a good amount of safe power that can be added without making any mechanical changes and while still leaving a good margin of safety built into the tune. The LT4 is an incredibly strong engine and with our safeties built into our tune, you can feel good about enjoying the extra power without worrying about putting extra wear and tear on the engine.

Peak gains: 40 WHP at 5900 rpm (7.7%) / 38 WTQ at 3500 rpm (6.6%)

Paragon Custom Tune Features

- Increased Horsepower & Torque

Our custom tune file carefully increases the horsepower and torque of your C7 Corvette while still respecting the limits of the engine and keeping it running safely. We accomplish this by optimizing all the areas of the ECM mapping that can be recalibrated to increase performance.

- Better Throttle Response

With the better engine mapping comes better throttle response as well. We are also able to remove some throttle opening limits imposed by the stock mapping which allow the engine to full torque sooner.

- Reduced Detonation/Knock

It's no secret that the factory calibrations on GM's performance models are tuned pretty hot. They do produce a good amount of peak power but they also exhibit a large amount of detonation (or knock). The engines in these cars are known to be strong but exposing any engine to this kind of detonation will reduce the life of the pistons, cylinders and rod bearings. Our calibration greatly reduces this detonation by mapping in more appropriate fueling and timing curves while still achieving as much or more power across the entire powerband.

- Stress Management

We've built extra safety margins into calibration that go above and beyond the GM approach. This ensures that no matter the ambient conditions or how hard you choose to drive your car, the tuning will adjust to meet this higher stress and keep the engine safe. You can feel good about taking your car to the road course or drag strip and not have to worry about extra wear and tear on the engine.

- Consistent Feel

By optimizing everything in the ECU calibration and reducing the amount of detonation, we have created a tune that performs very consistently at all times no matter the conditions or use.

- Includes

Paragon Performance HP Tuners Remote Tuning Device (RTD)

C7 Corvette Z06 2014-2016 Paragon Stage 1 Tune

4 MPVI Credits - Credit-based licensing system