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Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Titanium Exhaust

Part Number: PP-E004
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Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Exhaust
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Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Titanium Exhaust

Introducing the Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Full Titanium Exhaust!

This in house designed long tube muffled exhaust system, unlike many others out there is modeled after our Touring/Track exhaust. This unique system follows the lines of the car. Mimicking the subframe line, flowing in to a X pipe, and then traveling through two mufflers which sit centered behind the rear bumpers grille. It then splits into 3" quad tips.

Constructed from 3" Titanium tube for long life and strength & reduced weight. We have tested this system on track and off track to ensure it can take anyone's abuse. We back that with a lifetime warranty against weld defects and cracking for the original purchaser. Any issues, we replace it! Oh and it makes power! Increase WHP by +14 and WTQ by +16.

  • Increase Peak WHP by 14HP
  • Increase Peak WTQ by 16TQ
  • Weighs in at 20 lbs vs the OEM of 77 lbs. 57lbs savings!
  • Slip Joint fitment for easy install
  • Dual slim mufflers reduce cabin drone
  • Sounds the same as our stainless version due to the same design, just a lot less weight!
  • AFM & NPP Valve Simulators Available if you need for NO CEL on 21+ Models
  • Direct bolt on
  • Lifetime Warranty*
9 Tip Finishes To Choose From
Select tips that fit your style. Decide you want different tips, just hit us up and change them out when you desire a new look. You can even customize your look. Want them to stick out, you can do that. Sunk inside, go for it. Different rotated angles, sure why not! It should be your choice!


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