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C8 Convertible Clear Engine Cover

Part Number: EBC-CV-C8-001
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C8 HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover
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C8 HTC Clear Engine Cover - Fits Z06 HTC

Molded from the OEM C8 Corvette HTC engine bay cover, this clear thermal plastic material allows you to see your 6.2L or 5.5L motor when your top is up.  This is the ultimate show car accessory for the C8 HTC. Utilizes stock service covers, hardware and now includes a rubber seal & grommets! Now you can show off that engine bay and add dress up accessories such as our Paragon Engine Cover, Billet Bars and even Oil and Coolant dress up caps. 

Thermal plastics are engineering plastics in that they are typically used for more capable, robust materials such as in impact resistant “glass-like” surfaces. So you can be sure this will last on your C8 HTC. 

Please Note: This piece is not glass, it will not be optically perfect like glass though it is fully transparent. It is formed clear thermal plastic that is not perfectly flat. You may notice some potential air bubbles when viewing extremely close. This piece will not melt under standard driving conditions. Made in the USA and warrantied by RapidRev.

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