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C8 Corvette Coupe Vent Wash Covers

Part Number: Dry_Vent_Block
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C8 Corvette Coupe Wash Vent Covers
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Keep your C8 Corvette Engine Bay Dry While Washing!

Help prevent water from entering your mid-engine C8 Corvette's engine bay with these precision-cut Dry Vent Covers.

 Specifically designed for the C8 Coupe vents, these vent plugs are easy to use and highly effective. Simply place them in the engine bay vents and use the window strip between the hatch and rear window before washing. 

This 7-piece kit, which includes a convenient storage bag, helps your engine bay remains dry while washing so you aren't wasting time detailing every crevice in your engine bay.


Dual-Sided Design: Soft foam on one side creates a seal along the vent hatch, while a harder surface on top adds weight to keep the covers securely in place.
Precision Fit: Ensures effective water blockage.


Insert the vent covers into the vent wells. Largest on the bottom and the smallest on top with the medium size in the middle.

Position the window strip between the hatch and rear window.


Spray the car from the rooftop down to avoid dislodging the vent plugs and allowing water to seep into the engine bay.

Always remove the vent covers before starting the engine or driving.

Avoid leaving the vent covers in direct sunlight to prevent warping.

Upgrade your car care routine with C8 Corvette Coupe Wash Vent Covers for a cleaner, drier engine bay!