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So you finally got your new 2020+ C8 Z51 Corvette with front lift, only to find out you cannot lower the front of the car to make it actually look like a sports car. What to do now? Well we have researched and designed a solution for this.

Our Paragon Performance lowering collars do exactly that for front lift equipped cars. They give it the .75 of an inch lowering that the factory coil over collars do on non front lift cars.

We took one of our test cars, disassembled the suspension and then created a new piece in Solid Works.

After initial design we 3D printed several examples in house to test drop and perfect fitment of the unit across 2 different cars.

Once we achieved the correct .75 inch drop to match what the factory rear coil over collars allow we took the item to production.

The production units are CNC cut from 6061 Aluminum, then sent out for black anodizing. Once that is done they get a laser etch of our logo to provide a clean, and finished product that is 100% made in the USA. We also back this with our lifetime warranty.   
As you can see below, the improvement is dramatic, and gives the C8 Corvette the stance it should of had from the factory.  Be sure to check the product page out for more information or to snag yourself a set for the price of $99.00 . 

Be sure to check out our engineering video at the bottom of this page, it's very informative.