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CCS C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber X Brace - Coupe Only

Part Number: CCS-C0053
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C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Engine Bay X Brace
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C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber X-Brace - Coupe Only
Elevate your C8 Coupe's performance and add a touch of style with the CCS X-Brace.

Crafted to fortify the chassis, it minimizes flex, refines handling, and enhances overall stability.

This exceptional X-Brace not only boosts your driving experience but also adds captivating styling to your engine bay, making a lasting impression at every Corvette car show.

Effortless to install and engineered for longevity, the CCS C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber X-Brace guarantees an exhilarating driving experience.

Key Features:
• Strength for heightened rear chassis rigidity
• Striking appearance visible through the rear engine window
• Specifically designed for C8 Coupe Models
• Includes the X-Brace, rubber spacers & mounting hardware
• Easy installation process - OEM Mounting Locations

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