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10 Products you need for your C8 Corvette!

Paragon C8 Corvette Des Moines Skyline

So you ordered your C8 Corvette 18 months ago and its finally here. You race off the dealership lot to put on 500 miles as fast as possible so you can break in the Tremec DCT Transmission for that 6.2L LT2 engine and enjoy all of that 490+hp. Before you get carried away, checkout these 10 Products you need for your C8 Corvette. 

#1 Paragon Radiator Guards

The first product on our list is for the daily driver or the track star, Paragon Front Radiator Guards. Designed & made in the USA, these guards are a must have to protect your delicate fins on your radiator from being damaged. They are CNC cut, powder coated black for durability and most importantly bolted in for a secure & precise fit.

Paragon C8 Corvette Front Radiator Guards

Protect those front radiators from any unwanted debris such as rocks, screws or anything else that's left on the roadway. The last thing you want is a puncture through your exposed radiator leaving you stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck in your new supercar.

#2 Paragon Corvette Jack Pads/Pucks

Once you leave the dealership the last thing you want to think about is going back for service. Eventually your first service will arrive at 7500 miles for a Oil Change & DCT Filter Service. When you arrive you'll want to assure your car is being lifted properly. You wouldn't want your car to end up like this. 

C8 Corvette falling off lift

Our solution to this problem is the Paragon Corvette Jack Pucks/Pads. Designed to fit in standard jacks and to work with lifts at dealerships, these highly visible red anodized pads can be permanently or temporarily installed on your car to ensure anyone that ever jacks it up can clearly see the correct places to do so.

Corvette Jack Puck / Pads

#3 Wide Angle Convex Mirrors

We all know the C8 Corvette is a head turner of a car but if you've ever sat in the drivers seat you know that changing lanes can be difficult with the large blind spots. Available in a Blue or Chrome finish, with integrated turn signals, these wide angle convex mirrors will increase your field of view when checking your mirrors while you change lanes. 

C8 Corvette Wide Angle Mirror Comparison

Left: OEM Mirror - Right: Wide Angle Convex Mirror

#4 20mm Wheel Spacers

If you look at your stock C8 Corvette the wheels are sunk in so far to the body it look like a generic Honda Civic. These 20mm wheel spacer are an easy way to make your OEM wheels look flush to the fenders without having to buy expensive aftermarket wheels. 

20mm Wheel Spacers C8 Corvette

#5 Lowering your C8 Corvette

With a ride height similar to a Cadillac Escalade, the C8 Corvette sits way to high from factory. At the end of the day you bought yourself a high end sportscar not a SUV. Lets get your C8 lowered with at least one of the options below!

OEM C8 Corvette Ride Height

OEM C8 Corvette Ride Height

Coilover Wrenches

If you optioned Z51 or MAG Ride, your car is equipped with a factory coilover system so the easiest solution for lowering is grab a set of our coilover wrenches and turn down the collars one thread at a time until your desired ride height is reached. Max setting will lower your car 3/4". For base Stingrays there aren't many options besides swapping your suspension for Z51, which we offer conversion kits for, or you can opt for our Lowering Springs by HyperCo. More on those to come. 

 Paragon C8 Corvette Coilover Wrenches

Paragon C8 Corvette Coilover Wrenches

Front Lift Lowering Collars

Another great option on the C8 Corvette is the Front Lift System. This allows you, with a push of a button, to raise your car, drive over your obstacle and lower it. This works by pushing brake fluid through a hydraulic system. The issue with this system was that lowering it was a problem of its own. Once we had a C8 Corvette for development our engineering team quickly removed the strut to find a collar that the pump sits on itself. After examining the system further we were able to quickly design and produce a collar that lowers the pump 3"4" to match the rear lowering setting. 

 Paragon C8 Corvette Front Lift Lowering Collars

Paragon C8 Corvette Front Lift Lowering Collars

Lowering Springs by HyperCo

Being a performance shop at heart we're always looking to optimize every part of our development cars. We partnered with HyperCo, a high performance spring manufacturer in the USA, to bring the first lowering spring option to the C8 Corvette. Providing a 1" drop and a 30% increase in stiffness over stock Z51 springs, these lowering springs will fit all makes and models of the C8 Corvette making them a easy drop in solution to lowering your car. 

HyperCo Lowering Springs C8 Corvette

#6 Catback Exhausts

Onto #6, our personal favorite, catback exhaust systems! When you first hear your C8 Corvette start up you're impressed by the roar of your LT2 engine but that goes away quickly once you hear any aftermarket option in person. When you're in the drivers seat and you stomp your foot on the loud pedal, the exhaust leaves you disappointed and wanting more. It doesn't matter which exhaust you put on, the C8 Corvette just needs a aftermarket option to release the exotic American V8 sound. From the deep tone of a Borla to Paragons exotic sounding exhaust, there are many options for you to choose from. 

Borla C8 Corvette ATAK Exhaust

Borla ATAK C8 Corvette Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips

Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Touring Exhaust

Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Touring Exhaust

Can't imagine the sound from the pictures? Checkout these RAW exhaust sound clips below. 

#7 Lip Kits / Body Kits

From Front Splitters, Side Rockers, Rear Diffusers to full body kits by Maxton Design & even aerodynamic packages by Verus Engineering there are endless configurations to customize your C8 Corvette to your own style. 

C8 Corvette Maxton Design Body Kit

Maxton Design C8 Corvette Body Kit - Front Splitter, Side Skirts & Rear Diffuser

Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Ventus Aero Package

Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Ventus 2 Aero Package

Front Lips -

 Side Skirts -

Rear Diffusers -

Body Kits -

Aerodynamics -

#8 Brake Pads & #9 Rotors

As we near the end of our list we have braking upgrades. First we have brake pads, the factory pads are really dusty and if you have any color besides black, 15min after you take it down the road the side will be covered in brake dust. Carbotech 1521 are super low dust pad with an easy install. Now you won't have to wash your car as often!

GiroDisc 2Pc Rotors C8 CorvetteC8 Corvette GiroDisc 2pc Rotors

While you're in there changing pads you m ight as well replace your blank iron rotors to GiroDisc 2pc Rotors. With more braking power from slotted rotors(increased cooling) and reducing rotational mass this mod is a no-brainer.

#10 Aftermarket Wheels for the C8 Corvette

We hit all the basic mods and now its time to finish off the car with aftermarket wheels. The stock wheels really leave a lot of room for improvement and this gives you the chance to customize them to your style. There's lots of different options out there from Titan 7 wheels to legendary Volk Rays TE37, APEX Wheels, Vossens, BBS, BC Forged, the list goes on and on and on! To us wheels are the last step to getting your C8 Corvette setup for the street.

Apex Wheels on Paragon C8 Corvette

APEX VS-5RS C8 Corvette 18x10, 18x12 

Titan 7 Wheels on Paragon C8 Corvette

Titan 7 T-S5 C8 Corvette 19x9, 20x11.5

Vossen HF5 Chrome C8 Corvette

Vossen HF5 Chrome 19x8.5, 20x11

That wraps up our Top 10 must have items for your C8 Corvette! It's time to begin modifying your car. Checkout our website, add those items to your cart and start enjoying your Corvette the way it was meant to come from the factory.