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CTEK US 0.8 Battery Charger / Tender

Part Number: 56-865
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Vehicle Battery Charger/Tender
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The US 0.8 is CTEK’s most compact 12V charger, yet it boasts state-of-the-art technology. It's suitable for maintaining the charge of "normal-sized" batteries like those in cars.  Additionally it can charge smaller 12V batteries commonly found in motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, and lawnmowers.

The unique display provides real-time updates on the entire charging process. The US 0.8 is a compact, fully automatic 6-step charger designed for 12V batteries ranging from 1.2–32 Ah. It can even handle maintenance charging for batteries of up to 100 Ah.

Built to withstand splashes and dust, the US 0.8 delivers a consistent 0.8 A charge. It's engineered to safeguard vehicle electronics, ensuring worry-free operation. With features like non-sparking, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit proofing, the US 0.8 comes with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Plus, it includes both alligator clamps and eyelets for versatile connections.

Advanced Charging Technology: Utilizes a 6-step process for fully automatic charging and maintenance, ensuring maximum battery lifespan and performance.

Versatile Compatibility: Comes with various accessories, allowing the same charger to be used for multiple batteries with ease.

Weather-Resistant Design: Water-resistant construction enables usage even in rainy or snowy conditions, ensuring the solution can be taken to the problem without hesitation.

Patented Maintenance Charge: Offers a distinctive combination of extended battery life and optimized performance through a patented maintenance charge feature.

Desulphation Technology: Incorporates patented desulphation, effectively prolonging the battery's operational life.

Safety and Reliability: Engineered to be spark-free, short-circuit proof, and reverse-polarity protected, ensuring trouble-free usage.

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